Corporate info

Mr. Yongjun Liu, Chairman, Director

Mr. Liu, aged 63, has been our Company’s Chairman of the board since October, 2020, Chairman and General Manager of Kang Fu International Medical since October 2015, Chairman and General Manager of Yangzhou Huada since December 2001, Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Huadong since November 2000, and Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Yada since December 1990. In October 2015, Mr. Liu co-founded Kang Fu International Medical with several other co-founders, In December 2001, November 2000 and December 1990, he founded Yangzhou Huada, Jiangsu Huadong and Jiangsu Yada, respectively.

Mr. Liu holds a high school diploma. From October 1998 to present, Mr. Liu has been the Chairman of Yangzhou Medical Device Industry Association and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Touqiao County. From November 2013 to present, Mr. Liu is the Deputy to The People’s Congress of Guangling district, Yangzhou City. In December 2018, Mr. Liu was awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Guangling District” in Yangzhou. Mr. Lui is a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience in the medical device industry. Mr. Liu is a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience in the medical device industry. He has been awarded as Excellent Entrepreneur, Honest Entrepreneur Representative and Medical Device Industry Representative many times. Mr. Liu is keen on public welfare undertakings and has sponsored various impactful undertakings, such as road reconstruction in towns and villages, donations to the Red Cross Society, reconstruction of nursing homes, poverty alleviation, and aid for students.

Mr. Xin Wang, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Wang has been our Chief Executive Officer and Director since December 2022. From 2021 until 2022, Mr. Wang was CEO of the Jiangsu Yada Technology Group Co., Ltd., a People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) company that develops and distributes medical devices. In addition, Mr. Wang served as Vice General Manager of Shanghai New Asia (Group) Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical company, where he led production management, market expansion, research and development of proprietary Chinese traditional medicines from 2020 to 2021. From 2018 to 2020, Mr. Wang held a key position at Panda Group, Inc., a franchise restaurant corporation based in California, where he was in charge of large commercial projects related to expanding its business operations and upgrading its brand strategy in the US market. In addition, Mr. Wang previously worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley and an area manager at Citibank, N.A., thus providing him insight into global investment banking and US financial markets. Mr. Wang obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of California Santa Barbara, where he double majored in Financial Mathematics & Statistics Analysis and Computer Science. He also obtained his master’s degree in Actuarial Science in 2012 from UC Santa Barbara.

Mr. Lianzhang Zhao, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Zhao has been our Chief Financial Officer since December 2022. Prior to his appointment as CFO of MHUA, Mr. Lianzhang Zhao was Senior Partner at Yangzhou Hanrui Accounting Firm, a PRC accounting firm, from 2013 to 2022. Prior to that, from 2000 to 2013, Mr. Zhao served as the chief financial officer of Yangzhou Guolian Garment Factory Co., which is a Sino-US joint venture company in China. Mr. Zhao is a certified public accountant (CPA) in China, allowing him to draw on his diverse financial accounting experience across multiple international markets to support MHUA’s financial reporting matters. Mr. Zhao received his bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting and Economic Management in 1990 from Yangzhou University.

Mr. Xiaoming E, Independent Director

From January 2010 to present, Mr. E has served as Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Changfeng Medical Industry Co., Ltd. From May 2004 to present, he has been Vice Chairman of theYangzhou Guangling District Medical Device Industry Association. From July 1998 to May 2004, he served as Vice Chairman of Yangzhou Sanitary Product Association. He earned a college degree from Yangzhou Education College in economic management in March 2004.

Ms. Huijuan Zhao, Independent Director

Ms. Zhao served as a member of the management team at Ping’An Bank, where she oversaw services for high net wealth clients and risk control practices from 2019 to 2022. In her prior role as head of marketing and risk control operations at two Jiangsu-based privately owned businesses operating in the business and financial service sectors, positions she held from 2013 to 2019, Ms. Zhao helped build out market expansion and risk control protocols and playbook and played critical supervisory and coaching roles to the growth and expansion of both businesses. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial English from Suzhou University, which she received in 2012. 

Mr. Wenzhang Jia, Independent Director

Mr. Jia is the chairman and chief financial officer of Jiangsu Xibei Electronic Network Co., a company that produces and sells wire and cable, cable TV equipment and network communications equipment, a position he has served in since February of 2000. Mr. Jia received his Bachelor’s degree in finance in 2004 from Yangzhou Institute of Commerce and Industry and pursued post-graduate studies in business administration at Tsinghua University in 2007. Mr. Jia has been president of the Yangzhou Electrical Appliance Industry Association since 2007.